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Our first cohort launched February 7.
Our second cohort launched February 12.
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I Want To Give You 10 Years of LinkedIn Knowledge So You Can Expand Your Brand

Plus you'll get some personalized coaching from me...

Hey y'all, Jenae here. (JAH-nay)

Last year, I got this wild-hair idea to build a course about something I loved. And in the process, I was selected to be in a documentary! So this "life-long learner" who thought "wouldn't it be fun" has suddenly been propelled to action.

And here I am!

I want to give you a download of my LinkedIn brain - more than 10 years of knowledge - in just a few bite-sized trainings. 

PLUS unprecedented access to me.

The fact is, I've been living, breathing, and talking about LinkedIn for a while...

And the most common thing people say to me is:

"Jenae... I know I should be doing more on LinkedIn, but I have no idea where to start..."

Friends, if I had a dollar for the amount of times I've heard this statement - I would be sipping piña coladas on the beach watching the tide roll in every day. The MOMENT someone finds out I've worked at LinkedIn, this always comes up. Let me break down how the convo usually goes:

You've created a profile ... 

You've added a few connections and uploaded your résumé ...

Maybe you've even checked out a free course offered by LinkedIn or another qualified third party in hopes that it would help you accomplish your goals ... 

And the content was so GREAT, you took extensive notes ... 

And you sit down at your computer to get started ...

But BAM!

You've hit a wall. 

You're still overwhelmed.

The one-and-done trainings didn't move the needle.

Left to your own devices, you realize you need more help.

You find yourself asking questions like:

  • What do I write about myself if I'm not looking for a job?

  • Do I connect with people I don't know, and if so, how?

  • What kind of content should I post and how often?

  • How do I prove value from the time I spend on here?

  • Do I need a premium account?

  • Can I sell without being spammy?

  • Can I get results without buying ads?

  • What expectations should I set with someone who is running my LinkedIn for me?

  • I wear so many hats, is this even worth my time?

These are the kinds of questions I get on a weekly basis, and they're exactly the kind of challenges that hold YOU back from taking your LinkedIn presence to the next level. 

Bottom Line: You Need a "LinkedIn Locksmith."

When you get hung up on trying to resolve these dilemmas, you're literally trapped in a cage of your own making. Worse yet, you're costing yourself valuable time, money, energy, and confidence. 

What if you had someone who had the key?

Who could show you the ropes?

Who you could ask for advice and get an answer, not from theory, but from practice?

Who could give you valuable UNCOMPLICATED training to help you maximize your LinkedIn presence without getting overwhelmed?  

Imagine how much time and trouble that would save you.

Imagine getting the results you want on LinkedIn so you can quickly get back to the work that you're destined to do.

I have already solved any major challenges you're going to face when it comes to marketing yourself on LinkedIn.

For almost a decade, I worked at LinkedIn at the intersection of social media, communications, and product. It was there that I learned the ins and outs of the world's largest professional social network and - most importantly - how it was received and utilized in the real world. After leaving LinkedIn, I continued my career as an Influencer Marketing manager, putting my experience to work in the most practical way possible: Building corporate and individual brands using the power of LinkedIn.

With my combined experience, I have trained thousands of LinkedIn users, including:

Representing LinkedIn at numerous speaking engagements spanning 10+ states; and serving job seekers of all walks of life, non-profits, and companies big and small across countless industries interested in how the platform can improve their employer brand strategy, recruiting, and sales. 

I've also created and released several online webinars...

Spoken at live events...

Facilitated group coaching...

Coached clients one-on-one...

Developed and executed strategic social media plans, including for high-end clients...

And much, much more. 

So if one of your items on your 2022 checklist is to "Finally figure out how to optimize my LinkedIn usage for me, my clients, and/or my entire business", let's get started saving you a ton of time. Let's unlock LinkedIn for you - faster and simpler than ever before.

Join Unlocking LinkedIn & Get More Than 10 Years of LinkedIn Knowledge in Just ONE Hour a Week.

Reserve Your Spot Now
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When you join my six week workshop "Unlocking LinkedIn" you can look forward to us covering:

WEEK 1: LinkedIn Profile Creation - The Bedrock of Your Online Networking VALUED AT $199!

We'll discuss how to set up your profile - not as an online résumé - but as a living, breathing, dynamic landing page that converts.

WEEK 2: Content Creation - What to Say and When to Say It VALUED AT $199!

We'll cover the tactical how-tos, the tips and tricks backed by data, and, most importantly, the expectations around posting on LinkedIn. (Hint: I don't want to upsell you into wanting to have me do this FOR you, so I'm going to teach you how to create simple, sustainable content on your own, within your capacity.)

WEEK 3: Integration (Trust me, you won't want to miss this.) VALUED AT $199!

We'll open up the lines for additional Q&A and breakouts to collaborate on the progress you've made thus far with your profiles and content. Take advantage of the collective power of the group to take your current strategy to the next level.

WEEK 4: Networking on LinkedIn (aka my bread and butter) VALUED AT $199!

You do not have to be a content creating genius and can still be successful in driving traffic to your profile. Learn how to do targeted outreach and add value to others' conversations to position yourself as an expert in your field.

WEEK 5: Show Me the Money - Diving Deeper into the Numbers VALUED AT $199!

Because you're busy and time is money, how do you prove value for the time you're spending on LinkedIn? Aligning your analytics with your desired outcomes is key to proving the value of the time you're investing. We'll get crystal clear on your expectations for your LI presence so you can execute your gameplan flawlessly; or, if you're ready to scale, packaging your strategy to provide a rock-solid gameplan for someone else to execute on your behalf.


I'll be setting up one-on-one calls with you, to go deeper into any area of our training where you'd like my additional help. Currently valued at $249/session, this one-on-one coaching will be available FREE as part of the Unlocking LinkedIn Workshop package!


PLUS: You'll receive an additional FAST ACTION BONUS worth $249 if you decide before February 1st!

​Reserve your spot today with one simple investment of $499.

I'm ready to Unlock LinkedIn!
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Life is busy. That's why I'm offering this workshop at two separate times
each week! Mix/match the days to meet more people. And if you miss a week? Lifetime access to the recordings!


If you want to go deeper into an area covered in the group training, let's do it! We can also discuss content outside the workshop like brand voice, third party tools, tactical how-tos, alternate LinkedIn products, and more. This is YOUR time. Use it how you like.


ttend all the live sessions and do all the assignments 
and, at that point, either you will be completely satisfied with what you’ve seen and done inside 
Unlocking LinkedIn or I’ll refund every penny.

This May Be The Only Time I'm Doing This Workshop...

That's right. 

It has always been a dream to launch a LinkedIn service for myself, but it is not my only dream. I'm excited to share that my career is starting to take off and I'm thrilled for what the future holds! I am committed to making good on my documentary duties and, that said, these workshops are not guaranteed to continue. So, if you're thinking "I want this... but now is not the time", remember that there may not be another time. 

That's why I'm hosting not one, but TWO cohorts. We will be meeting via Zoom. Pick a session that works with your schedule and relax in knowing that you have lifetime access to the training recordings!

Mondays 7-8 pm CST                                                                  Saturdays 10-11 am CST
Feb 7                                                                                               Feb 12
Feb 14                                                                                             Feb 19
Feb 21                                                                                             Feb 26
Feb 28                                                                                             March 5
March 7                                                                                          March 12

And I will be available exclusively to YOU, as a member of Unlocking LinkedIn, via unlimited email throughout the entire six weeks. 

If you want to take your brand presence to the next level online...

Get private coaching and answers to your biggest LinkedIn challenges from an expert (okay, okay the expert is me 😁)

And benefit from my 10 years of knowledge, distilled into bite-sized actionable training that is no longer available anywhere else and may truly only be available for a limited time... 

Grab The Key To Your Success - Register for
"Unlocking LinkedIn"

One-Time Investment of $499

Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Let me IN!
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Don’t take our word for it, read what other people 
have said about Jenae's LinkedIn trainings.

About Your Trainer

Hi. I'm Jenae Lyn and I'm a certified life coach, personal branding expert, and human resources professional. That's what I get paid to do. And I love it.

But how did these career paths come to fruition? It all started after volunteering in one of the most notorious prisons in the United States, Pelican Bay. It was there that I met some of the 'free-est' men. Despite their imperfect pasts, they decided that although they are physically incarcerated, their hearts and minds don't have to be.

After reflecting on my own personal prisons (of self-doubt, perfection, people-pleasing) that were limiting me, I harnessed the inspiration of those I met to start making drastic changes in my life to find the freedom I was desperately seeking. It's a process, and the journey is never complete. But I'm proud to be on my way.

And it's not only my role, but my responsibility, to share the insights my incarcerated brothers and sisters have taught me about forgiveness, self love, and redemption - to help free people from their own personal prisons and release their potential. If you're following me this far, you recognize that your next level of transformation may reside in harnessing the power of LinkedIn. And guess what? I've got the key.

Because of that, 10% of all UNLOCKING LINKEDIN sales will be donated to Hustle 2.0 - an organization birthed out of Pelican Bay which equips incarcerated people with the skills they need to transform their lives. H2.0’s founders have served thousands of people with criminal histories and achieved recidivism rates of less than 10% since 2004. Their programs have incubated 500+ small businesses started by formerly incarcerated grads and helped countless others land jobs. For each person who joins UNLOCKING LINKEDIN, one scholarship will be donated to a deserving applicant who does not have the means to purchase this transformational curriculum.

Join Now
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Wondering if this offering is the right fit for you? Contact me! I'm happy to answer any/all of your questions.

Email: Hello@JenaeLyn.com

Phone: 402.709.7765
Who is Jenae Lyn?
Jenae Lyn believes that heart and hustle are the keys to life. She practices courageous communication and brave authenticity. She believes in the power of unapologetically stepping into the life you desire - and she encourages others to do the same - be it in their careers, their businesses, or in their relationships. 
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